Photography and post-production for adidas Silver

At adi­das, design and func­tion have gone hand in hand for decades. The com­pa­ny want­ed the design of its fashion-only brand Silver to be more punchy than usu­al. The high­ly reduc­tive and graph­ic prod­ucts speak for themselves.

Still photography meets purism

We trans­ferred this unique­ness, the clean lines, and the dar­ing play with sym­me­tries to still-life pho­tos. To this end, we shot bold views of the brand’s fash­ion items and footwear. At all times our focus was on the cuts, the col­ors, and the delib­er­ate design dis­rup­tions – no bells and whis­tles – sim­ply as pure as the prod­ucts themselves.

Well-rehearsed workflows from logistics to post-production

To meet the tight time­line set for the project we devised a coor­di­nat­ed plan for logis­tics, pho­tog­ra­phy, and post-production and adhered to it from the out­set. The sched­uled work­flow and the com­mit­ment of all per­sons involved includ­ing project man­agers, logis­tics part­ners, pressers, styl­ists, pho­tog­ra­phers, and post-production man­agers allowed us to process 300 prod­ucts in only four weeks and to exceed the demand­ing spec­i­fi­ca­tions giv­en to us by the Australian agency Pietsch Lim, our main con­tact for the brand.

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