Photo coverage of Leanda Cave at the 2015 IRONMAN World Championship

Tagging along with world-class ath­lete Leanda Cave of the UK – who at the time of the cov­er­age was the act­ing Ironman world cham­pi­on long-distance triath­lete – at the IRONMAN World Championship 2015 in Hawaii was an extreme­ly excit­ing chal­lenge for a event cov­er­age maker.

Focus had to be on both the athlete’s per­son­al­i­ty and the spon­sors’ inter­ests. This is why in this cov­er­age Leanda shared the star­ring role with the bike her main spon­sor, Canyon Bicycles, designed espe­cial­ly for her and this championship.

Photo coverage of one of the most demanding competitions in the world

Sebastian Kuhn, CEO of, accom­pa­nied Leanda through­out her last week of train­ing in Hawaii before the event. He and his cam­era were on site dur­ing every train­ing unit in every discipline.

Always in focus: The athlete and her bike

A key empha­sis in this doc­u­men­tary was the on-site instal­la­tion and fit­ting of the unique bike Canyon Bicycles had devel­oped for Leanda. With his cam­era, Sebastian doc­u­ment­ed every step of Leanda’s famil­iar­iz­ing her­self with the bike and adjust­ing it to her needs.
Of course, the cat­e­gor­i­cal high­light of this assign­ment was doc­u­ment­ing the World Championship race itself.

Transforming the event coverage into advertising material through professional post-production work

Back in Nuremberg, Sebastian inspect­ed the exten­sive unprocessed mate­ri­als and made his selec­tions. The goal of the elab­o­rate post-production process was to edit the images for use by Canyon Bicycles, the main spon­sor, in diverse online and print mar­ket­ing activ­i­ties and on social media.

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