Sports coverage of the world’s fastest brothers

Triathletes Andreas and Michael Raelert have raised the stan­dard mul­ti­ple times and for mul­ti­ple dis­tances. Many of their world record times in diverse dis­ci­plines remained unbro­ken for many years and some of them remain unmatched to this day. So it is right that they are deemed to be the world’s fastest broth­ers. The excep­tion­al sib­lings from Rostock, Germany are sup­port­ed and spon­sored by Cube, the largest bicy­cle brand in Europe.

Bike hand-over and meeting at the company premises

Sebastian Kuhn pho­tographed the hand-over of the new bikes at CUBE’s premis­es in Waldershof, Germany. During a tour of the diverse areas of the loca­tion, Sebastian cap­tured fas­ci­nat­ing cov­er­age pho­tographs of the broth­ers in the show­room and in the devel­op­ment and pro­duc­tion depart­ments. The pic­tures bring out the Raelert broth­ers’ enthu­si­asm perfectly.

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